Is technology bringing your family closer together?

Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives, and it can be a great tool for families to stay connected and entertained. However, excessive use of technology can have negative effects on children’s mental and physical health, and it can also strain family relationships.

Here are some tips for a healthy use of technology in families:



Set boundaries:

Establish clear rules for technology use, such as no devices during meal times or no screens an hour before bedtime.


Encourage outdoor activities:

Spending time outdoors is beneficial for physical and mental health. Encourage your family to go for walks, play sports, or engage in other outdoor activities.


Create technology-free zones:

Designate certain areas of your home, such as the dining room or living room, as technology-free zones.


Balance screen time:

Encourage your family to balance their screen time with other activities, such as reading, playing games, or engaging in creative pursuits.


Get involved:

Take an active role in your children’s technology use by monitoring their online activity, playing video games with them, or watching shows together.


Lead by example:

Model the behavior you want your children to adopt by limiting your own technology use and demonstrating how to use technology in a healthy and balanced way.



Open communication is key to healthy family relationships. Encourage your family to talk about the impact of technology on their lives and to work together to find a balance that works for everyone.

In conclusion, technology can bring families closer together, but it’s important to know your Family Digital Wellbeing and use it in moderation. By setting boundaries, encouraging outdoor activities, creating technology-free zones, balancing screen time, getting involved, leading by example, and communicating, you can ensure a healthy use of technology in your family.

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